A number of years ago, my wife Joy and I traveled to Florida to spend a few winters away from the cold weather in Ontario, Canada. While away we came in contact with a number of people who were in need of help with health issues. As Joy was a massage therapist, she was often asked for help with many aches and pains. What happened on many of these occasions was, in order to have the person able to relax to the best of their ability, I would administer a healing treatment to settle their nerves before Joy used her massage techniques to complete the job. To many of these folks it meant a great deal to be able to carry on and enjoy their winter vacation without pain and to Joy and I, we were happy to have been able to help them.

Another form of healing that often for me was very helpful is what is known as ”Absent Healing”. This is achieved by using a photo of the party in need of a healing and is then used as a prop. I have a turquoise arrowhead that was given to me by a friend. I suspend it on a fine gold chain and while concentrating on the subject receiving the healing, I ask for assistance from my Guides, as I hold this spinning arrowhead above the photo. I do not question why this works I only give thanks for the results that are received on many occasions.



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Many years ago I became aware that I could make a difference in some of my own healing needs. A burn for instance would heal in a very short time if I were to control my breathing, concentrate on the pain and ask for assistance from the universe. Without fail this would bring much faster healing than if I had applied a bandage.

I recall the time that I struck my thumb while working with a rather heavy hammer. The pain drew tears to my eyes as well as a very black thumbnail and blood blister. While trying to maintain my composure I began to direct a healing force to my injured hand. First I noticed that the pain was easing up a little. Then as I continued to direct my energy to the hand the blackness of the thumb became lighter and lighter. This incident happened many years ago, however I have used this same treatment many times over the years on others as well as myself. This same healing process can be used to heal broken bones or inflamed organs.  I have had experience in healing both of these conditions.

There are many more examples and stories to tell, but I think this gives you an idea of the work I do.

Written on November 16th, 2011 , Spiritual Healing, Spirituality

Spiritual Healing is as old as mankind. The belief that man could call upon the Great Spirit and the connection with God Almighty would bring about a healing to those inflicted with injury or sickness. A senior elder of the tribe would be called upon to administer this healing by his wisdom and understanding of the powers of creation. As man continued to evolve, the Shaman would deliver the healing powers from God to those in need. As time passed man began to understand more about the powers of Spiritual intervention and gradually the modern medical practice began. Today we have many who seek out those who practice this connection to spirituality to augment their health care.

Written on November 16th, 2011 , Spiritual Healing, Spirituality

There is no set fee for a Spiritual Healing session, however, I do ask for a donation that you feel is fair for my work.


To set up an appointment, please email me at pete@petewatson.ca and leave your name and phone number. Appointments will be in my home office only, unless you live in Guelph and are unable to physically leave your home, in which case we can discuss whether I may be able to assist you.

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