Peter Watson’s entry into writing a book does not replicate anything else he has ever accomplished. With only entrance grade education and hard work, he has overcome any shortfalls he may have had with his schooling. Peter’s working life started quite young; first as a paperboy, then as a delivery boy for a corner store. Peter went to work for a car dealership at age 14 and from there to an apprenticeship as a Motor Machinist at an automotive machine shop. After many years working in the shop, Peter moved on to another town as a branch manager for the company. Several years later he became an agent with a Life Insurance Company.


Like many others, the “Midlife Crisis” took its toll on Peter and at 50, his first marriage ended, and he started out on a new journey. Peter met his current wife, Joy and together they spent a few years travelling on their RV between Florida in the winter and a return to Ontario for the summer. Peter’s sudden turn of health brought them back to Ontario to settle in Guelph where Joy resumed her massage therapy profession, and Peter designed and built specialty tables for massage therapists.


After Peter retired from business, he found himself with time on his hands and decided it was now time to retrieve the manuscript, “As Told To Me,” that he had channeled so long ago, and bring it to fruition.

Written on November 16th, 2011

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Pete Watson

Author, As Told To Me